Give me a reliable research paper bibliography example

A bibliography is a list of sources you used to get information for a report that is included in the last page/s. To make writing one easy, you ought to keep track of every book, encyclopedia, website or article as you are reading. A good bibliography for research paper sample should have the following things in order.

  • Bibliographic information
    This kind of information is located in different places in different types of resources. The information includes;
    For printed sources; author name, title of the publication/title of article for magazines and encyclopedias, date of publication, place of publication, publishing company of a book, volume number of encyclopedia or magazine and also the page number(s).
    For websites; author and editor names and the title of the page if provided, the organization or company that posted the webpage, the URL (web address for the page) and the last date you checked the page (because web content is edited constantly).
    You will find this bibliographic information in;
    1. The heading of an article
    2. The front, the editorial or second of a newspaper
    3. The header or footer of a website
    4. The about or contact page of a website.
    5. The title page of a book or encyclopedia
  • Assembly
    Sources should be listed in alphabetical order by the authors’ last names. For sources that do not have specific authors like encyclopedias, put them in alphabetical order by their titles.
  • Formatting
    All sources should be typed in a list. Look for examples in MLA and APA format to use as templates to ensure that the sources are formatted correctly. Here are examples of the formats you can use when writing bibliography for research paper.
  • Book:
    Author (last name first). Title of the book. City: Publisher, Date of publication.
    An example: Toomer, Jean. Cane. Ed. Darwin T. Turner. New York: Norton, 1988.
  • Website
    An example: Lancashire, Ian. Homepage. 28 Mar. 2002. 15 May 2002 .
  • Magazine or newspaper articles
    An example: Kanfer, Stefan. "Heard Any Good Books Lately?" Time 113 21 July 1986: 71-72.
    You can find more information about writing a good bibliography here

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