What it takes to compose a research paper on marriage and divorce

Everyone at some point has felt love. To make sense of this raw emotion, we try to explain it in culturally-mediated constructs such as love at first sight, Christian love, and true love and so on. This can do for a novel or a narration but it will not fit when writing a sociology research paper on marriage. sociology seeks to of each of loves features and shed light on the underlying motives for it and how it leads us into a higher commitment called marriage. Love and marriage, few of the most beautiful things in this world are no longer viewed as so by a vast majority. It could be because of the increasing number of divorces which portrays it as a dysfunctional institution. To have a ‘complete’ paper when writing on these topics it is important to cover everything; the good and bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

The good and beautiful

  • Discuss love and getting married
    People fall in love for a variety of reasons all of which can be classified into two main categories; attraction and connection. Discuss these reasons and also the features of love; how can a person tell that they are in love? Also there are the motives of this strong emotion; why are they in love?
    Just like love, we get married for a variety of reasons, although it is presumed that love is the main one. This is not the case for every marriage therefore this subject warrants deeper research. You will find that there are those who marry out of desperation – maybe they are getting older or are lonely. A person who will marry for this reason will perceive anyone they are attracted to even slightly as the right match. Others will marry because they are pressured to do so. This ultimately leads to the dissolution of a marriage.
  • Marriage name changing
    Changing your name after marriage and the challenges that come with it! It can be complicated changing your name on your passport, social security number and drivers license. Is it really worth the hustle when the marriage of institution is not as solid as it used to be?

The sad and ugly

  • Getting divorced
    When and why does love fade? Why would a person conclude that the person they loved and committed is the wrong match and leave them? The reasons for love and marriage and the motives you discussed earlier will reflect here. For instance a marriage out of pressure and love based on physical attraction are not strong basis for an eternal union and will not stand the test of time. It is sad that divorce has become like a stage of marriage or a definite result of marriage. A research paper on civil marriage would be incomplete without its inclusion.

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